Upland sports competitions temporarily suspended

In the interest of public health and safety, we have decided to temporarily suspend all of our upland sports competitions (hillwalking and Highpointeering) until after the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Over the past few weeks, we have been keeping a very close watch on the developing COVID-19 crisis. In response to this, we have been issuing up-to-date practical advice to walkers to help minimise the spread of the virus.


There has been a dramatic increase in the number of walkers during the last week. Based on this, we have been considering carefully whether or not to suspend our upland sports competitions.

We can officially announce that we are now placing a temporary suspension on all of our competitive initiatives. This takes immediate effect from today Monday 23rd March until Thursday 30th April. This suspension period will be extended as required. We will only be promoting “Walk from Home” activity in Ireland during the suspension period.

The full affects of this suspension are detailed below.

Monthly Themes

We will not be promoting our monthly walking themes during the suspension period.

All-Ireland Mountain Race

Even though the All-Ireland Mountain Race season only started on Friday 20th March, competitors must delay participation until the suspension period ends. The 700s Challenge completion forms will also remain closed until then.

If the suspension period is extended beyond 22nd September, this year’s All-Ireland Mountain Race will effectively be cancelled.

All-Ireland Hillwalking Championships

The All-Ireland Hillwalking Championships require competitors to take part in the All-Ireland Mountain Race. If the Race happens, so will the Championships.


Despite the recent surge in walkers, we have actually observed a noticeable decrease in recent Highpointeering activity based on the number of Highpointeer Score Forms we receive.

As a result of this suspension, no Highpointeering activity taking place between 23rd March and 30th April inclusive will count towards participant’s scores.

Our Highpointeer Score Form for 2020 will temporarily close on Friday 27th March. This will give competitors their FINAL chance to submit forms for the High Point visits they logged in 2020 up to Sunday 22nd March. This activity will ONLY count if it is registered by Friday 27th March. If the suspension period lasts for the rest of the year, the competition winners will be based on all Highpointeering activity which took place up until Sunday 22nd March.

We would therefore urge all competitors to bring their forms up-to-date by Friday 27th March.

We have decided not to cancel any of our Highpointeering awards or league competitions outright. There are two main reasons for this decision:

  1. There could be several months of competition remaining after this crisis has passed.
  2. Competitors have already built up some high scores, so it would be unfair on them to cancel at this stage.

Social media activity

We will not be sharing any posts (ours or anyone else’s) which are likely to encourage others to go for walks outside their own neighbourhoods during this period.

We hope that our competitions will resume again later in the year. Updates will be posted on our blog and social media feeds. In the meantime, please keep an eye on our practical considerations and advice for walkers. We will be keeping this page up-to-date as the crisis develops. Feel free to share its link on social media.


Take care everybody. Stay safe, stay home.

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