February Group Walk

Whether you’re an established walking club or a solo walker looking for like-minded adventurers, let February be a time to focus on group walks.

Group walking is one of the best ways to socialise while exercising. For people who want to get / keep fit AND make friends at the same time, it is the perfect activity choice. Try out a local walking club in February. Many clubs allow non-members to sample one or two walks for free to help them decide whether or not to join. Alternatively, you could set up your own informal walking group through work, community, church, etc. If venturing into the uplands, we strongly recommend that informal walking groups have at least one experienced hill walker and first aider.


Find a local walking club

We have created a handy map to help walkers find local walking clubs based on where they actually walk.

The Walking Clubs page has consistently been the most visited on our website during the first three months of each year. This trend, which has emerged again in 2020, is a clear indication that a lot of people are thinking about joining clubs at this time of year.

We invite all Irish walking clubs who are actively seeking to recruit new members to get themselves listed on our website. It is quick, easy and free!

Post a quiz question

Feel free to post your #FebruaryGroupWalk photo as a “just-for-fun” #WhereWasMyWalk quiz question on social media.

Get a free wall calendar

Download a copy of our free “Monthly Themes” 2020 wall calendar. Available in three different layouts to suit you. Perfect for planning and recording your walks in 2020.

Themes Key

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